With the growing attention on climate change and other shared social challenges, many countries and regions introduced their sustainability agenda with targets and urged fashion giants to take responsibilities in tackling the global climate crisis. To cope with the transformation and needs of dominant fashion brands on green manufacturing, Hong Kong enterprises in the industry, regardless of their sizes, must understand that environmentally‑friendly manufacturing processes, including high‑efficiency energy management, greenhouse gas emissions, recycling of wastewater, etc.


Sustainability is an investment, not a cost. Adopting sustainable practices will help enterprises receive a positive return on sustainability investment (ROSI), improving efficiency and lowering costs. For example, focusing on energy efficiency will help in lowering operational costs. Besides cost savings, sustainability can also as a good social responsibility and an eco-friendly mark, to drive new businesses and sales development. To sum up, sustainable competitive advantages are difficult to duplicate which is a capability that allows a company to meet customers’ needs better than its competition can.

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