Sustainability offers various benefits to the Hong Kong Fashion and Textile Industry, for example, cost saving, improved reputation, environmental protection, social responsibility, risk management, and market competitiveness. By adopting sustainable practices, the industry can become more resilient, innovative, and competitive, in the long run.

As a result, with the funding support from the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund of the Trade and Industry Department, HKSAR Government, the Institute of International Sustainable Development (ISD) has initiated a project entitled “The road to sustainability – a study on sustainable development of Hong Kong fashion and textile industry”, to carry out a one-year research study for the sustainable development of Hong Kong fashion and textile industry.

Excited to share the results of our efforts for the industry’s reference, ISD has organised a seminar on 9th May for the first time release of the research findings. During the seminar, different experts have shared the latest information on sustainable development, which hopes to arouse the awareness of Hong Kong fashion and textile enterprises on important sustainability and green manufacturing trends.

Our seminar has been a great success. Please click HERE to view the memorable moments of the event.

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